Chairs & Committee


The planning committee has no paid members.
This dedicated group honors Jared and Jayne by remaining all volunteer,
helping to ensure proceeds raised for the beneficiaries are maximized.

  • Tom Coones
  • Sam Miceli, Race Director
  • Linda Boring
  • Carol Brewer, Jared's Aunt'
  • Meghan Coones-Cook, Jared's Sister'
  • Stephen Cook
  • Laura Campbell
  • Owen Geisz
  • Mary Geisz
  • David Kearney
  • Jan Popek
  • Stephen Oskvig
  • Steve White
  • Jim Burt
  • Brandon Unruh
  • Katie Unruh
  • Kathy McMullin
  • Morghan Fitzsimons
  • Dr. Barry Cook (not pictured)
  • Denise Klepac (not pictured)
  • Cathy Kratzburg (not pictured)


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Remembering Jared & Jayne

Honoring the lives of Jared and Jayne Coones. Creating an event that celebrates family and community. Raising funds for research and organizations that support cancer patients and their families.

Jared & Jaynes Coones

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